DIY Power of Attorney Kits

Provide a simple step-by-step process for you to complete a General and/or Enduring Power of Attorney. Sample forms, Legal Power of Attorney Forms and Revocation Forms included.


A General Power of Attorney is a written authorisation that grants to a person (the “Attorney”) the power to represent or act on behalf of the person granting the power (the “Donor”) with regard to financial and property matters.


A Power of Attorney enables your affairs to be managed by a person you nominate when you are unable to conduct them personally, such as when you are unavailable or travelling overseas.


A Power of Attorney can be general or specific in nature, and can be unlimited, or limited to specific acts that you require the Attorney to perform such as:

  • Payment of bills or Collection of debts
  • Managing bank accounts
  • Managing business affairs
  • Signing legal documentation
  • Voting at meetings


A Power of Attorney can also cover a fixed period of time.


You can revoke a Power of Attorney at any time provided that you are competent. It will be automatically revoked upon your death or divorce or in a number of other situations.


It is recommended by financial planners that all adults should have a General Power of Attorney in place should you be unavailable or incapacitated to perform personal business

Legal Will DIY Power of Attorney


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