Meet Our Managing Director Mark Notary


Mark Notary is the Managing Director of Quicklaw Conveyancing.

He is passionate about empowering and educating the general public by providing them with the ability to do their own Property Conveyancing – whether it is selling a property or buying a property.

Mark says:

“We have provided professional services to the public conveyancing world in Australia since 1976, a record we are extremely proud of.  Our clients’ testimonials over this time show we are doing an excellent job in making conveyancing for the general public a simple, safe and legal task. “


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About our Company

The history of our Family Company  has spanned many decades, and gone through some very interesting periods in the conveyancing  industry.

Highlights of our Family Business include:

  • Introduced Flat Fee Conveyancing into NSW in 1976 to break the legal profession’s monopoly in the field of conveyancing.
  • Started AP Conveyancing Kits to the public and went on line with this product in 1992!  We have been continually updating our services and the states in Australia that our product is suitable for.  We have Conveyancing kits for New South Wales, ACT, Queensland, Victoria, South Australia,  Tasmania and Western Australia.
  • We were very pleased to be able to add QuickLaw Conveyancing to our family of products in 2011.

Now  the process of updating this online, lawyer developed and approved system to be even more efficient and assist you to even simpler, safer and legal outcomes for your conveyancing is our next exciting challenge.


Our Mission is to empower & educate the general public to be able to do their own Conveyancing.

QuickLaw DIY Conveyancing ServiceQuicklaw DIY Conveyancing Kit


2023 Versions

*Suitable for one conveyance:

sale or purchase of residential house/vacant land/unit or townhouse in NSW, Qld & Vic*.


from $172.00 incl GST