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Australia’s first and leading provider of interactive DIY legal services in Conveyancing and Wills.

This is in keeping with our Mission Statement to educate and empower people to simply, safely and legally perform their own routine legal procedures, and to continually improve our products for the benefit of our customers.

Our EASY LEGAL GUARANTEED Step-by-Step Conveyancing services provide considerable savings, both in time and money, demonstrating how easy it is to transfer the Title of a property. We sincerely hope that this step enhances our vision and improves our high level of service by providing D.I.Y. Conveyancing to Australian customers with the format options of paper-based or interactive online D.I.Y. Conveyancing guidance.

Our service is unique because it is not just ‘approved’ by Australian lawyers, but has been built by them from the ground up.  This means your experience is fast, easy and safe.

Our Vision is to provide DIY legal services that are fast, easy and safe to use.  Our conveyancing services are available online, a Legal Will Kit and Power of Attorney kit are also available online.

QuickLaw’s technology was created to enable online interactive legal services designed to provide Australians with quality DIY services that revolutionise the traditional, expensive way legal services have been provided for centuries.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have about our company or our services.

QuickLaw DIY Conveyancing ServiceQuicklaw DIY Conveyancing Kit


2024 Versions

*Suitable for one conveyance:

sale or purchase of residential house/vacant land/unit or townhouse in NSW, Qld & Vic*.


from $172.00 incl GST