Testimonials from our Conveyancing Clients

All new to me , enjoying the task,Real estate agent and sellers solicitor are intimidating. Action Plan is wonderful.

Very Good 

 Maree. July 2016

Excellent service – always made contact with a human when needed. process was made almost enjoyable. saved enough to celebrate heartily.

Very good

Rob. July 2016

Thank you, 3rd time used this service. Very professional, will recommend to others.

Very Good

Anthony. May 2016

It did what was needed, and didn’t get me into any trouble, so overall it is good.


Geoff. May 2016

Fairly simple process. One non-legal question went unanswered.

Very Good

David. February 2016

It is difficult to provide for every circumstance I realise. I was thrown out when the purchaser’s conveyancer returned the contract with the purchaser’s signature on a poorly photocopied front page attached to the original rather than on the original.


Denis. November 2015

Thank you for your excellent conveyancing kit, helping us save our hard earned savings for other uses and meeting solicitors on their own turf. Anybody with basic education can follow and complete this kit for themselves giving them a great sense of achievement and satisfaction, not to mention saving around $1000!

Paul. June 2015

Thank you for this fantastic website, as a seller it is great to have quick resource in understanding what each step is. I will definitely give your website the thumbs up to my friends!!

Fiona.  QLD Conveyancing customer, January 2014

Very Good

E C.  Sydney. Conveyancing customer, January 2014

Very Good

C. J.  Longreach.  Conveyancing customer, February 2014

 I sometimes had to go back some steps for things I missed which could have been highlighted, but it was all there. One final slip up was the buyer’s conveyancer wanting to send me a cheque for residue of council rates and then withdrawing it at the last minute. I got conflicting information from the council at settlement which then caused me some further confusion. Possibly an explanation of this particular procedure would be good to include. With Quicklaw’s help, the conveyancing was very quickly and professionally effected at each step. Frankly, it made some of the buyer’s conveyancer’s activities look amateurish, and I think they could have done a better job if they too had Quicklaw!
P.N.  Sydney Conveyancing customer, November 2013

I would like to express that the Quicklaw program and associated support was the best information and service I was provided with through the whole process. It was the first involvement I had with the process of purchasing a home and even being involved in IT, I found resources available on the net extremely limited for conveyancing in regards to trying to find out processes and detailed information regarding when/what to do.

The Quicklaw program is comprehensive and easy to follow and affordable. I would recommend it wholeheartedly to anyone thinking of doing their own conveyancing.
L. Lewis  Web Developer Conveyancing customer, May 2013

Very Good
Thanks for making the conveyance process an easy one with your step by step procedures and forms. The seller’s solicitor even commented how smoothly the process went as he normally has issues with self acting clients

No Name

This is the second time I have purchased the online conveyancing pack and I am really happy with how easy it is to do my own conveyancing!! QuickLaw explains each step very clearly and all the instructions are simple to follow. What’s best is I don’t have to waste my money on expensive conveyancers! Thank you QuickLaw!

Kate M., Brisbane Conveyancing customer, August 2012

Excellent so easy to use – would never pay a solicitor again.

Karlene L., QLD Conveyancing customer, August 2012

Thanks for providing such a great service. It was money very well spent and the process very clear. I would certainly recommend your service without the slightest hesitation.

D.A., Bundaberg Conveyancing customer, July 2012

I acted for myself on the purchase of land in QLD and found your package extremely informative and very easy to use. Every step was planned for and covered very comprehensively. I would not hesitate to recommend it to anyone doing their own land purchase.

D.P., Brisbane Conveyancing customer, April 2012

Hi there, I have just completed my conveyance. Thank you very much for your program!

M.N., NSW Conveyancing customer, April 2011

Just a quick note to say what a super service this is – easy to understand English version. Wonderful.

Kerry, Conveyancing customer, October 2010

I have found the Conveyancing Kit excellent – very well set out and easy to follow.

M.H., QLD Conveyancing customer, August 2010

I did enjoy using the service first time around and have learnt a lot. I have also purchased some of your “Will” products and have just ordered my second conveyance kit for 2010.

E.D., QLD Conveyancing customer, July 2010

I am completely satisfied with QuickLaw’s professional and comprehensive service. It is easy to use, the instructions are clear, the documents well constructed and the supportiing information and tools were useful. I would not hesitate to use your service again or to recommend it to others.

H.M., ACT Conveyancing customer, July 2010

This is an excellent service and one that I would highly recommend to others. I work in a very remote area of Australia where there is no direct access to legal services and your support has been invaluable.

J.M., QLD Conveyancing customer, June 2010

Congratulations to the team on a great product by the way

I have just completed a purchasing settlement through your website. I found it very easy to use and loved that there was help when/if needed.

J.H., QLD Conveyancing customer, December 2009

Thank you for this service. I think it is great. I purchased a conveyancing kit for a NSW purchase on 26 June 2009. I have also separately purchased and completed a different pack for a sale. Went very well. Thank you.

J.C., NSW Conveyancing customer, December 2009

We completed our house purchase last week and would like to thank you for your service. It was very easy to understand and follow. Even when I did have the odd query, the assistance was very prompt and helpful. I’d have no problem in using the service again and would recommend it to anyone.

R.C., Dubbo Conveyancing customer, September 2009

I just wanted to thank you for your service. The kit was easy to use and enabled me to complete my first conveyance of a property. It is an extremely rewarding feeling!

C.L., Sydney Conveyancing customer, July 2009

Easy to use and follow – automatic generation of letters was very helpful.

T.R., Brisbane Conveyancing customer, June 2009

I have just completed buying a property using your service and I found it EXCELLENT. Every step was explained fully and the cost was very reasonable. Thanks!

J.B., Warwick Conveyancing customer, June 2009

Congratulations on such a great website. This is such a good service. It helps and supports you every step of the way and saves you a lot of money. It is great education as well. I will recommend it to everyone I know.

E.E., NSW Conveyancing customer, April 2009

Thanks for your brilliant kit. I found it easy to use and very helpful. I’ll tell my friends & family.

S.L., QLD Conveyancing customer, February 2009

Third time now I have used your service and usability improves each time. Very well done. A great cost saving.

J.P., Toowoomba Conveyancing customer, October 2008

Thank-you for your product, a very useful tool appreciated by both myself and my wife and ultimately I guess by our children.

B.L., Duncraig WA Conveyancing customer, September 2008</p>

I’m really surprised at how straightforward the process is with the help of your service.

M.W., Brisbane Conveyancing customer, September 2008

This is my first attempt at conveyancing and found the online program great to be able to work thru methodically and save as you go.

R.B., Brisbane Conveyancing customer, September 2008

Thank you for the program. I found the package easy to use and well structured in a manner that was very easy to follow and dealt with each aspect only as required, whilst being able to read ahead to maintain an overall picture of the process.

P.B., VIC Conveyancing customer, August 2008

I just finished using your NSW Conveyancing kit and returned from the settlement meeting and the Land Titles office about 20 minutes ago. Everything went without a hitch throughout the entire process and I just wanted to congratulate you on a fantastic, comprehensive product. I will certainly use it again and will recommend it to all my friends.

J.B., Sydney Conveyancing customer, June 2008

This was a useful service and a very user friendly web-site. Thank you for your help. I have previously used kits but this was much easier.

J.P., Toowoomba QLD Conveyancing customer, April 2008

Made easy enough, even for an interstater!

R.B, VIC Conveyancing customer, March 2008

I have previously used your service for a Queensland purchase and was completely satisfied with the result. I am now looking at selling.

H.C., Glenbrook NSW Conveyancing customer, February 2008

I just completed my first Queensland conveyance and am so impressed by your service. The step by step guide is unbelievably easy to follow. Keep up the good work.

L.L, Sunshine Coast Conveyancing customer, February 2008

Because of a difficult situation I faced with my conveyancing I accessed the Lawyer Support Hotline. I received really excellent support from each member of staff I had dealings with. I will recommend this service to anyone who may be contemplating buying or selling property. Thank you to all those who have helped me achieve a smooth transaction in a very short time.

N.B., Kuranda QLD Conveyancing customer, January 2008

Excellent service!!!!!!!! Easy step by step process, written in plain English.

M.D., Nowra NSW Conveyancing customer, October 2007

This was a very easy process to follow and execute, and without your service I couldn’t have done it with the level of confidence I had! Dealing with the ‘other side’ was easy, I don’t think a solicitor even went near the transaction, it was all done by a clerk. They were helpful too. I would definitely do it again, and would also recommend the service to others. Great work!

D.E., Hervey Bay QLD Conveyancing customer, September 2007

I am impressed with the ease of use and attention to details of this package.

E.C., NSW Conveyancing customer, September 2007

I am very impressed with this service and would choose to use it again. I have already recommended it to a couple of my friends. I am really thankful for such an easy to use service which did exactly what it claimed to do.

M. G., Sydney Conveyancing customer, January 2007

Your online service is brilliant. I am amazed at how easy it was and confident enough to give this a try as a Buyer next time. Thank you for everything.

R. B., QLD Conveyancing customer, November 2006

Thanks so much for your wonderful service. I decided to sell my property and do my own conveyancing just because I always enjoy a challenge and wanted to see exactly what would be involved. I enjoyed the ride and any questions I had along the way were answered almost immediately. I would recommend this service to anyone selling their property.

D. G., QLD Conveyancing customer, October 2006

The site was easy to use and it was great to feel I was in control while being guided step by step through the process. I would definitely recommend this service to others, and will be using the service again myself. Well done for putting together a package that is easy to use while being so comprehensive!

M. M., Brisbane Conveyancing customer, September 2006

I really mean it when I say how fabulous this service is. I got horribly messed around by Solicitors when conveyancing a house for me a couple of years ago, after that I decided that if I did it myself, then I would be in control and not paying out exorbitant sums of money for someone else’s incompetency. Your service gave me the step by step ability to do that, and now it’s the only way I will ever conveyance again. D. S. from QLD, April 2006

Well, I have just completed my second round of conveyancing using your service – AND I LOVE IT!!!! The first time round was as the purchaser, this time round as the vendor. I’ll be signing up to use your service again. I wouldn’t do it any other way, for a straightforward sale or purchase, this is the best service. D. S. from QLD, April 2006

I used your DIY conveyancing for the purchase of vacant land last year and have now completed the sale of my house with the aid of the DIY conveyancing package. Once again, I have been impressed by the ease with which I have been guided through the entire process. I thoroughly recommend your products.

A. H. from QLD, January 2006

We have just finished using the Conveyancing Service – thought it was absolutely fantastic and would recommend it to anyone.

A. C. from QLD, January 2006