Do It Yourself Legal Will Kit

This state of the art Online Legal Will is the most efficient & comprehensive Legal Will product on the market. Perfect for those that wish to complete their Will online. Hard copy of your Legal Will and signing directions are printed on your own printer ready for signing and witnessing.

  • Select your own login and password to allow secure access as often as you like within 365 days.
  • With the step-by-step process you are guided through the Legal Will creation online. All information accessed using the latest encryption to ensure your privacy.
  • Couple accounts save you time and money. Perfect for people in a married or defacto relationship as it includes 2 separate Legal Wills for you to complete.
  • Updating options allow you to update your Will whenever and however you like.
  • Hard copy of Legal Will and signing directions are printed on your own printer ready for signing and witnessing.

Single Do-It-Yourself Legal Will Kit available for $25.00

Couple Do-It-Yourself Legal Will Kit available for $40.00



DIY will Kit or Couples Kit and a DIY Solicitor Will gives the client the option of having the will reviewed by a solicitor without leaving home.


Simple ‘plain English’ instructions.


By following the simple instructions and your Will is as legal and valid as if it was prepared by a Solicitor.


$$$’s on Solicitor’s fees

Great Will service…well organised and very easy to follow. Thanks very much, I will certainly use the service again in the future.

L.S. from Qld

I was surprised at how quick and easy it was! Within a lunchbreak, I registered, made my Will and got it witnessed by some colleagues. I will definitely use your service again.
K.B. from Sydney
Thanks a million for my Will. I certainly found this service very easy to follow and most comprehensive.
B.T. from Rochedale
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Legal WillQuicklaw Will Kit


For use Australia wide:

Basic Will (Single)   $25.00

Basic Will (Couple) $40.00

(includes GST, postage & handling)

IMPORTANT! The law will decide who will get everything you own if you don’t have a Legal Will.


When it comes to getting your affairs in order it can be rough to sit down and do the work. While it is not a painful process per say, the idea of paying someone to talk about the end of your life is not exactly fun. In addition, if you go to a lawyer it can add up quickly. That is why a do it yourself legal will is often the way to go. Wills tend to be very standard and there are a number of documents available to walk you through the process. Legalwill can offer you all sorts of templates for putting together your will.

It’s Fast

Once you go to the website it is easy to see how quickly you can put together a basic will. Before you know it you will have your affairs in order in just the scope of a few hours. You can walk through all your items and easily see all the standardized language of the do it yourself legal will. You can make alterations based on your specific desires and in the end take the document anywhere to get it notarized.

You Can Do It On Your Time

You don’t have to do everything all at once. You can formulate a basic legal will and then make additions over time. This takes care of the immediate need of getting the will done and gives you time to consider the more complicated parts of your estate. By doing this, you don’t have to worry about rushing through the process, as the big considerations will already be accounted for. This also gives you time to think about some of the more complex parts of your will without having to pay a lawyer by the hour.

Make Changes Yourself

Often it is not the initial will that takes much time or money but rather the changes you have to make down the road. Very often you need to add riders or other items to your will and when you go to a lawyer you have to do each of those things separately and for a fee. If you take the time to use a do it yourself legal will you can make changes any time you want without it costing extra money. You will always have an up-to-date will without having to sit down with a lawyer.

Do it yourself legal wills are the way of the future. It used to be only the wealthy could afford to put everything in order and that very often meant inheritance to the less fortunate was pilfered over by the state. That is no longer true with access to options such as the do it yourself legal will. Instead you can take the time and put your affairs in order for a fraction of the cost. It leaves everyone protected and there really is no excuse not to start today.

Benefits of having a Will

A Will is your last chance to speak from the grave as to how you want your possessions to be distributed on your death.

Without a Will you will have no say, and you cannot be sure that your assets will go to your loved ones. Your possessions will be distributed in accordance with government rules known as the ‘Rules of Intestacy’.

You may already have a Will, but wish to change or update it. The best way to do so is to do a new Will.

Everyone should have a Will, but it is particularly important when you:

  • Get married
  • Begin a family
  • Start a business, or acquire a major asset
  • Have separated
  • Get divorced
  • Are elderly or become unwell

Is this service suitable for me?

This Quicklaw service is suitable for use Australia wide.

It contains valuable information on the Will making process and creates a Will that meets most standard situations. However, if your affairs are complex, then we recommend the DIY solicitor sill for your peace of mind.

Complex situations may include:

  • where there is a question about the capacity/soundness of mind of the person making the document
  • where you have complex assets and/or business enterprises where you need specialist tax planning advice
  • complex family relationships (such as children from multiple previous relationships)
  • disabled children who require ongoing trusts into adulthood