Planning for the Unthinkable

Whether you are young or old, no one wants to think about when they won’t be around anymore. Unfortunately, not thinking about it is pretty much the worst thing you can do to your family. You need to make plans, give them clear directions and help them through the trying days of attempting to figure out how to close out your life on Earth. It is one of the most overwhelming times in someone’s life and leaving behind a clear and concise will is the best thing you can do for them. It offers them comfort and a clear direction when it comes to what you expect and what you want.

Peace of Mind

A do it yourself will not only gives you peace of mind but it leaves your loved ones with a sense that they did everything right. They can look at what your expectations are and instead of having to guess what you might like they will know. This type of peace is imperative when they are already suffering due to your loss. By giving them the information they need, you are providing them with a blueprint of how to handle your affairs. It is the second best thing to having you there to tell them in person.



A Sense of Closure

No one knows when their time will come and giving your family a sense of closure is important. While the funeral and the wake do that a bit, knowing what to do with your collections, your favourite desk and you clothing can be overwhelming. Feeling as though they are carrying out your wishes gives them a sense of closure as they move on past your death. A do it yourself will walks you through all the things you might not think about so that your family has all the information they need to do exactly what you want.



Saves Money

Many people put off doing a will because it can be rather expensive. There is no way to get around paying a lawyer if you go that route, but if you want write an effective will on your own, the do it yourself option is much less expensive and just as effective. Understanding what your family wants and needs is your job. The will kit will simply walk you through the process of identifying all the problem areas and helping you put it in an order that makes sense.

Planning for your death is not fun. What’s worse is people being left behind with no direction. By providing them with a last will and testament you are aiding them through the grieving process. You can think of it as the last thing you can do to help them. While you might not be around, you will still want to know your family is well cared for. The more thorough your will the better they will be treated in the process.

Legal WillQuicklaw Will Kit


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IMPORTANT! The law will decide who will get everything you own if you don’t have a Legal Will.



QuickLaw DIY Conveyancing ServiceQuicklaw DIY Conveyancing Kit


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sale or purchase of residential house/vacant land/unit or townhouse in NSW, Qld & Vic*.


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Great Will service…well organised and very easy to follow. Thanks very much, I will certainly use the service again in the future.

L.S. from Qld

I was surprised at how quick and easy it was! Within a lunchbreak, I registered, made my Will and got it witnessed by some colleagues. I will definitely use your service again.
K.B. from Sydney
Thanks a million for my Will. I certainly found this service very easy to follow and most comprehensive.
B.T. from Rochedale
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